Mary´s Summer Purse!

Hey! This is a special post for my friend Mary! She had this nice silk top but didn´t like the style anymore. So she asked me if I can make a summer purse for her out of it! She bought a nice leather belt to use as the strap. Enjoy your new purse girl!! 







Hey there! Sorry, I haven´t posted anything in soooo long!!!! I was travelling quite a bit. Germany, Switzerland, Mexico… lucky me!

I saw this little “do-it-yourself” project on Pinterest this morning. It´s something fun and easy to do with your kids. Or even for yourself, if you have some really nice buttons sitting in a drawer at home you always wanted to use somehow…




Making Pasta With Fabio Bondi!

Hey there,
I made this video with Chef Fabio Bondi for Local Kitchen & Wine Bar’s website. It will be posted soon. ( It´s a very special place and they put all their passion into food. If you go there you have to try the pasta. They make home made pasta every single day and it taste delicious!!!
Check it out!

Making Ziti at Local Kitchen, Toronto from Dana Krog on Vimeo.

The Favorite!

Hey there! Today I finished a little project for my friend Jan. He has this ADIDAS jacket that he loves, loves, loves! Unfortunately his dryer totally killed it the other day and he asked me if I can make something out of it! To keep it alive somehow. Sure I can! I  got rid of the burned spots, cut his favorite jacket in a million pieces and sewed  an Adidas computer bag for him. To add a bit of texture I stuffed the fabric with cotton. I hope Jan will like it. Boy, he better!!! By the way – Jan is a great cinematographer, check out his work:

Books Go Denim!

Hey! I have this funny looking calendar. It has all these dogs on the cover. Really??? Are there people out there who love that shit? NOT acceptable! Well, to cover the dogs I sewed a denim book cover today! I used an old pair of jeans. Took me 15 minutes. Done! Super easy. Check it out!

The Notebook

Hello! I wanted to show you my little notebook I carry around with me all day! Whenever I see something I adore, something that inspires me or even if I just need to remember an address or the name of a restaurant – everything goes in this little book! I like to collect stuff my eye catches…

Winter Days In New York City

Hey there! I haven´t posted anything in a long time… sorry about that! But I had my mom visiting me and we spent some days in New York. I love the city and it´s so easy to get there from Toronto! The city wasn´t crazy busy – which I liked actually. Cold winter days with lots of sunshine – New York showed us it´s prettiest face!

Table Mats

Hey there! Have you ever knitted something out of parcel string (in german: Paketschnur)? I haven´t, but my mom is in Toronto to visit and she made something pretty cool out of it: Little table mats!! What do you think? Well, you better have a stylish home though, to have a nice contrast, otherwise it might give your kitchen a little “eco” touch… But hey, isn´t eco a style by itself anyways? Whatever, I like the little mat!!!

Simply Gold

Hey there! I found some great DIY ideas on PINTEREST the other day. A shiny “Goldmarie”- bracelet made out of nuts (german: Muttern) and a simple drawstring. You don´t have to go to a jewelry store, just jump into the next HOME DEPOT and get started. Or check out your toolbox at home – you might even have everything you need in there. So get the string in any color you like, gold or silver nuts, and braid yourself a bling-bling-bracelet for less than 5 bucks!!! It´s a little edgy – what makes it even better! Have fun!

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Today is the first day of a beautiful new year. Welcome 2012!!! I wish you all a great start and that all your dreams and wishes come true! Cheers…


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